We pay our publishers on a revenue share % model. The revenue share for each individual publisher can be different, but we usually pay more than 70%.

Our publishers can be paid in two currencies: USD or Bitcoin.

USD (PayPal)

USD payouts will be sent out once a month. Within the first week of a new month, your earnings for the previous month will be bundled together in an automatic withdrawal request. On the 21st of the month all withdrawal requests that meets the minimum threshold will be processed and sent out to your payment details.
E.g. if you make $200 in ad revenue in January, this will be made into a withdrawal request during the first week of February. On the 21st of February this withdrawal request will be processed, and $200 (- fees) will be sent to your PayPal account.

All payouts to PayPal will be sent directly to the paypal email you have provided to us. All transactions are subject to PayPal's transaction fees. Minimum threshold is $20.


Bitcoin payments are available on-demand. Your account balance will be updated once per day, and as soon as you reach the payout threshold you will be able to request a withdraw. BTC withdraws are usually processed within 48 hours.

Visit your Payout Settings to set up currency split and your PayPal details:

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