Although we'd love to accept all websites out there we need to set some ground rules.

  • Website must have a meaningful purpose.
  • Website must have an Alexa rank better than 1,000,000.
  • Domain must be older than 3 months.
  • Website cannot contain or in any way relate to illegal, questionable, gambling, malware or pornographic content or material.
  • Website cannot, in any way, encourage visitors to click on ads. Clicks needs to be from genuine user interest.
  • Website must meet a certain quality standard. We encourage people to create original content.
  • Website can only contain a reasonable amount of ads.
  • Website must be owned and operated by you.
  • Banner exchange websites are not allowed.
  • Crypto-currency faucets are not allowed.

If you do not meet some of the requirements, such as the Alexa rank, feel free to check back in a few weeks or months! Though, if your website is a Bitcoin faucet, we will not be able to accept it now or in the future.

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